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Learn Driver Safety Techniques with an Online Defensive Driving Course

In Texas, drivers who receive a traffic ticket may be able to have the ticket dismissed and keep their auto insurance rates from increasing when they take an online defensive driving course. Texas drivers who haven't received a ticket may qualify for an insurance discount. As an added benefit, all drivers who take a defensive driving course will learn a variety of driver safety techniques.

An online defensive driving course is helpful to drivers at all levels of experience; young drivers benefit from receiving training that reinforces the lessons they received before becoming licensed, and drivers with years of experience benefit from receiving a refresher on driver safety techniques.

Young drivers learn a considerable amount of theory in driver education courses, and are often too excited and overwhelmed to put this theory into practice when they begin behind-the-wheel training. A traffic ticket is an early warning sign that the young driver has not assimilated theoretical safe driving concepts into their driving practice, is succumbing to peer or internal pressure and using risky driving behaviors, has not received enough behind-the-wheel training, or all of the above. More driver education could help a young driver avoid a motor vehicle crash and its possible tragic consequences.

Drivers who have years of experience behind the wheel have often become complacent in their driving habits. The driving environment may have undergone changes (such as increased traffic congestion) since they learned to drive, but few drivers stop to consider whether changes in their driving behavior are needed. Drivers who are parents can learn better driving habits so they can serve as better driving examples for their children. Some techniques, such as following distance, have been updated since more mature drivers on the road received driver training; defensive driving courses also include updates on legislative changes that affect drivers. Also, mature drivers have to contend with new distractions, such as cellular phones and in-vehicle navigation systems, whether they are being used by themselves or other drivers.

Some drivers are hesitant to take a course online, especially if they have limited computer experience. But these courses are easy for anyone to use and can be taken in the safety and comfort of the driver's home. Online courses offer convenience, ease of use, and flexibility, along with an opportunity to improve driving skills, which helps keep all road users safer.

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