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Tips to Earn your CDL License in Texas

Texas CDL License
Earning a CDL License in Texas can be a confusing task. Knowing the right procedure, list of requirements and passing the tests may sound easy, but here are a few tips to get you started into getting your Texas CDL License.

  • Check if your local Texas driver's license office offers CDL testing. Not all driver's license offices are the same, some don't offer CDL testing, so check first with your local office or nearby counties for information. Here's a link to a Texas DPS page that offers information on some driver's license offices. (http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/administration/driver_licensing_control/rolodex/search.asp) You might still need to call, so find contact numbers for the driver's license office in the county you are checking.

  • Know the Requirements. A prerequisite for drivers is being at least over 21 years old and must already be licensed. Bringing your Social Security card along with your license is for verifying your identity.

  • Know your vehicle's (truck's) weight class and fill out the appropriate Texas CDL license form. Each class has its own application form, so applying for the wrong one might take you more time in getting your CDL License.

    • Class A is for a combination of vehicles that weigh from 26,001 pounds or more,

    • Class B is for a single vehicle that weighs 26,001 pounds or more,

    • Class C is for single or combination vehicles that don't fall into either Class A or Class B criteria, and might be designed for a specialized purpose.

  • Review the Texas Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers Handbook. The written and skills exam questions will be based on the contents here. Here is a link to the PDF version of the handbook: http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/InternetForms/Forms/DL-7C.pdf. Additionally, signing up for a CDL practice test will also help you pass your Texas CDL Licensing exams.

  • Have a commercial vehicle for your driving test. Applicants are required to provide the vehicles they will be tested on. Usually, when applying for a Texas CDL, the driving test will be performed using the vehicle that the applicant will be driving, once they obtain their license.

  • After you have passed, there will be a fee for your CDL license. It is usually just a little over $60. Applicants will also be required to take a photo and get their fingerprints on record after this process.

By following these tips and maintaining a good driving record, an applicant will stand a greater chance at obtaining their Texas CDL License quickly, with relatively less hassle and confusion.

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