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How to Renew Your Vehicle Registration in Texas

Texas Vehicle Registration Information
Texas motor vehicle owners are legally required to get their motor vehicles registered to the state, and renew their registration annually. There are three different ways for renewal: online, by mail or in person.


Renewing vehicle registration online has never been simpler! Simply go to the URL (https://rts.texasonline.state.tx.us/NASApp/txdotrts/RegistrationRenewalServlet) and follow the instructions given on-screen. What will be required of the online applicant is that:

  • The vehicle registration has not yet expired

  • An active e-mail account

  • The vehicle must carry at least the minimum required liability insurance by Texas law

  • A valid credit card (total amount is $2 Texas Online service fee and a $1 postage and handling fee for the specified county)

  • The total gross weight of the vehicle must be 54,999 pounds or less

By Mail:

Typically, a renewal notice will be sent to all registered vehicle owners. Send the following to your county tax office to register by mail:

In Person:

The requirements for in person renewal is the registration renewal notification, proof of current liability insurance and registration fee. One must visit the county tax office to do so.


For first-time new Texans: their motor vehicle(s) must get inspected and have their vehicle(s) registered and titled within 30 days of moving to Texas. Then they should bring the following to their county tax office:

  • Inspection certification

  • Proof of liability insurance

  • The vehicle's odometer (if less than 10 years old)

  • An original out-of-state title, proof of registration, proof of sales tax payment or current foreign/military ownership document

  • Accomplished Form 130-U

  • Registration fee (depending on county), title application fee ($28-$33 depending on county) and new resident tax ($90)

If a registered vehicle owner, for some reason, does not receive the renewal notice, they must provide the following:

  • License receipt from the year prior

  • License plate or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

An Texas vehicle may be operated legally for up to five working days upon registration expiration. After that period, the operator of a vehicle with expired registration may be ticketed for up to $200.

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