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Central Texas College: Youth Learn Dangers of Drunk/Distracted Driving

300-or-so students were issued "tickets" after putting on "drunk goggles" in an exercise conducted in Central Texas College. This was done before the week-long break to emphasize the dangers of distracted driving or drunk driving to students.

Conducted by the CTC Substance Abuse Resource Center, they put the UNITE Aware DUI Simulator to good use. The simulator, allows for students to maneuver a vehicle in a virtual space while emulating the effects of driving under the influence, or driving distracted. Students controlled the vehicle via gas pedals and the wheel.

Most students who tried the simulator ended up getting "tickets" for various driving mistakes, which in real life would translate to dangerous driving situations.

Students were asked to sign a pledge to not text and drive, and they were also given blue thumb rings with “NO TXTING” printed on them, to hopefully carry the message with them.

During the 9 AM to 3 PM activity, the CTC Substance Abuse Resource Center reports that the turnout for this year surpassed the numbers last year. Which is considered a good result --- it means that more and more students, especially teen drivers are willing to learn about driving safety.

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