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Brushing Up on Rules of the Road

Driving a vehicle is a huge responsibility. It is a serious activity that requires focus, skills, and a responsible mind behind the wheel. Brushing up on the rules of the road is as simple as always considering safety first.

When driving your car it is all about keeping the roads safe for you and for other motorists. Here are a few key things to remember when driving:
  • Prepare yourself and prep your vehicle. Make sure your vehicle is in proper working condition, and put yourself in the right attitude towards driving: SAFETY. Just before you put the key into the ignition, remember to buckle up with a safety belt, and every time you start the ignition, remember stay calm and be courteous.
  • Follow the speed limit and signs. Every driver, before getting their learner's permit is tested on these, but for many drivers if they had to take their Road Rules and Road Signs test again may fail. Test your knowledge on a free practice test to know if you need to brush up on the Road Rules and Signs again.
  • Learn how to safely overtake a vehicle or truck. This maneuver is potentially the most dangers move to make in your vehicle. Here is a short video with a great description on how to safely pass another vehicle or truck.
  • Eliminate distractions. Make a playlist for your music, eat and text/call your friends ALL BEFORE driving. It's important to remember that driving is about focusing on the road while operating a vehicle. Having other people in the vehicle can already be considered distracted driving. Lessen interaction with other people in the car when driving.
  • Be alert. Before you leave the house, check the news for weather/traffic conditions. Be prepared, and make sure you know how to handle situations like slippery roads, or heavy rains in the streets.
If you really wanted to refresh your memory on driving you can complete a defensive driving course online. Remember: when a driver doesn't put safety first, they pay more for it in the end. Stay calm, be courteous and always be alert.

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