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Memorial Day Weekend Safety 2011

Memorial Day weekend is coming, meaning thousands of motorists are going to be hitting the road, to get together with family and friends. As sure as fun to be had during this weekend, there will also be a lot of drivers on the road.

No matter what way you decide to spend Memorial Day weekend, be it at home or away, here are some common things to watch out for:

Crowds – You may not be leaving for someplace else during the weekends, but drivers visiting some family where you live may still come to where you live. You may also be spending time away, but the thing is, there will be people everywhere. Be alert when it comes to driving, and be on the lookout for pedestrians, especially small children who may dart into the street or near your vehicle. When in new places, familiarize yourself with their roads and observe local street laws.

Motorcycles and bicycles – Though May is ending, it is still motorcycle safety awareness month. Make sure to know the proper way on how to share the road with these two-wheeled vehicles. Give them enough space, and always be alert. If you yourself will be riding a motorcycle or bicycle, make yourself visible by using your lights when it's dark, and always wear the proper biking safety gear.

Pace yourself – A weekend is a weekend, and even if there's a lot to see, it will always seem like there's not enough time for everything. Plan ahead, schedule a properly-scheduled itinerary filled with the activities you want, and some alternatives if some events/activities are impossible to do.

The most common factors leading to accidents during big weekends like this is alcohol consumption and improper/lack-of seatbelt use.

Alcohol – No matter how much fun there is to be had, alcohol shouldn't be part of it for anyone who will be operating a vehicle. For starters, it is illegal. Another, it's pretty dangerous for everyone involved, be it driver, passenger, motorcyclist, biker or pedestrian. Third, during big weekends like this, patrols will be setup in most areas, so don't think you can "get away with it."

Seat belts – It takes just a few seconds to buckle up. In some states, it is important to know that law enforcement check rear-seat passengers if they are buckled up as well. Do the responsible thing and take a few seconds to buckle up your seatbelt.


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