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It is More than Just Buckling Up

Do you know the Texas occupant restraint laws? You may know it by its more familiar name: the Texas seat belt safety laws. Drivers are allowed to think that all this entails is buckling up before reach trip, but the seat belt laws cover so much more.

Here are 3 statutes we would dissect to find out how much you know about the seat belt laws:

Safety Belts for Drivers and Passengers

Texas safety belt laws require front seat passengers to be buckled up at all times. Adults are not required by law to fasten up when they are seated in the back, while passengers under 17 must buckle up wherever they sit. Fines may reach $25-$50, but if the passenger who is not buckled is under the age of 17, that fine may reach up to $200. For everyone’s sake, rear seat or not, just buckle up.

Child Passenger Safety Seats

What about little children who may be too small for safety belts to adequately protect? They fall under the statute for child passenger safety seats. The safety rule is: children under the age of 5 and are less than 3 feet tall should sit in a child safety seat. Children who may be taller than 3 1/2 feet are not required to be in child safety seats, but are still required to be buckled up in safety belts. Find out the height/weight of your child, and use that as a base when looking for a child safety seat. Fines may range from $100 - $200, not including other fees.

Riding in Truck Open Beds

Trucks are for hauling things, not people. Did you know that you may end up paying fines just by allowing friends or family members who are under 18 to ride in open truck beds? Truck beds do not have the necessary safety equipment to keep passengers fastened safely to a vehicle while moving, which makes them extremely dangerous. There are exceptions, of course, like riding through a parade, or when the vehicle is being used to transport farm workers. Fines may come at $25 - $200.

Think it's all about fastening seat belts? These statutes are really focused on keeping the children safe. Commit to being a Safe Driver....Always consider fastening your seat belt first when riding a vehicle or driving for people. 

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