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Eliminating Blind Spots (Mostly)

DMV Practice Road Test

Blind spots are a big problem for drivers and forgetting to check them as you change lanes can have disastrous consequences. You can never totally eliminate your blind spots but, by adjusting your mirrors properly, you can reduce them to a very small level. Following this procedure may seem a little strange at first but, as you get used to it, you will find that you have virtually eliminated your blind spots.

(Note: If you don't have electric mirrors that you can adjust from within the car, you will need a friend to help you adjust your outside mirrors.)

To adjust your mirrors, follow these steps:

Center Mirror - Sit upright in the center of the driver's seat and adjust your center mirror so that it gives you the widest possible view of the road behind.

Left side mirror – From your center position in the driver’s seat, lean to the left until your head is touching the window; now adjust your left side mirror outward until you just barely see the rear of your car in the far right side of the mirror.

Right side mirror – From your center position in the driver's seat now lean your head approximately the same distance that you did when you adjusted your left mirror. From this position, adjust your right outside mirror outward until you can just barely see the rear of the car in the far left side of the mirror.

Adjusting your mirrors so far outward may seem strange and will take some getting used to but you will find that, as a car to your rear moves to change lanes and come alongside you, you will see half of the car in both mirrors. Once that vehicle moves to your left or your right, you will see it in your side mirror until it appears in your peripheral (side) vision.

This procedure won't completely eliminate your blind spot and it may have the benefit of getting you to check your blind spot more frequently as you become used to positioning the mirrors this way.

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