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Job Opportunities for Truck Drivers

In spite of the economic slump that is affecting the nation, goods still need to be moved from place to place. One of the first indicators of an improving economy is the fact that manufacturers and suppliers are starting to move more goods and that means truckers will always be needed. However, that doesn't mean that it's an open job market. Truckers, like everyone else, need to stay competitive and the more competitive you are, the better your chances for finding a job.

The best way to stay competitive is to:

Have a safe driving record – Collisions mean lost productivity, late or missed shipments, and potential costly lawsuits so trucking companies are looking to hire drivers with safe driving records.

Qualify for endorsements on your CDL – The more CDL endorsements you have such as; hazmat, tanker, double, triple, and combination vehicles make you that much more competitive. Fortunately, you can qualify for an endorsement without having to spend a lot of money by taking the exam at your state DMV.

When looking for a job, one place to start is your State Workforce Agency. These are state employment offices that offer free job postings to employers and free job listings for those looking for a job. The office may also be able to provide help in creating a resume along with other services. They also allow job seekers to use their computers to build a resume, check email, and search for jobs. To find your local workforce agency visit: http://www.naswa.org/ and click on the map.

Typing "Truck Driving Jobs" into a search engine will bring up a lot of agencies that act as a go between for employers seeking employees and truckers looking for jobs. This is a good resource for anyone who may be looking for employment in another location but you will have to be careful when using one of these sites because they may charge a fee for their service and there are plenty of employment agencies who provide their services for free.

Check your local newspaper's business section to see if there are new companies locating in your area. You may also want to go online and check the newspapers of nearby cities. If you read of a new business opening in your area, go to their website online and see if there is a link to their hiring office.

For more information on qualifying for CDL endorsements or to take a CDL Practice Test, click on: http://www.testquestionsandanswers.com/

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