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BikeTexas has launched an ongoing educational effort on how best to Share the Road with cyclists. This campaign is aimed specifically for both bikers and motorists. For cyclists, it teaches them that they should treat their bicycles like any motorized vehicle, obeying the same laws, sharing the same rights. For motorists, this effort is to enlighten them that bicycles should be treated just the same as other vehicles, and that they deserve to share the road.

BikeTexas is a nonprofit organization that aims to advance bicycle access, safety and education in Texas. Since their formation in 1991, they have united the voices of bicycle enthusiasts, bicycle makers and Texas bicycle clubs.

Share the Road is an educational campaign, so they have tapped multiple venues in order to spread their message. Among them are festivals, rodeos, the papers, public service announcements, bumper stickers and special license plates.

Some of the bumper stickers read: "Give Bikes the Right," while one of the most effective and influential campaign they have is the "Share the Road Y'all" specialty license plates. These plates have reportedly brought in an estimated $40,000 for bicycle education in one year alone, while also receiving almost $400,000 in federal grants. The point of which, of course, is, letting motorists know the importance of sharing the road with cyclists.

For every license plate sold $22 of which goes to bicycle and motorist safety education programs. Also available are "Share the Road Y'all" souvenir license plates. For every one of this sold, $10 go to BikeTexas education programs. Ordering is as simple as dropping by their site.

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