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The goal of a comprehensive driver education course is to give a new driver the skills to safely operate a vehicle, and passing the road test on the first try is a sign that the important lessons have been learned and that the student capable of driving the vehicle safely.

Focus on the right areas is what would give a student the absolute best chance of passing the road test on the first try.

Master control of the vehicle. Knowing what every knob, switch, and control in the vehicle is for and how to use it, hopefully without taking your eyes off the road. Knowing exactly how much to turn the wheel to put the car where you want it to go, knowing the exact pressure to be applied on the pedals and how that will affect the vehicle’s acceleration/deceleration. Mastery of all the vehicle’s controls will guarantee a level of success when it comes to driving but it’s only part of the equation.

Observe the rules of the road. Knowing the rules of the road is the other part of that equation. Knowing what every sign means and how that sign will impact your driving. Signs are located alongside and above the roadway and they are painted on the roadway itself. You should also know what to do when there are no signs. What is the maximum speed on a residential street when there are no speed limit signs posted? Where do you stop when there are no crosswalks or stop lines painted on the roadway? Before you take your road test you'll need to complete the drivers license knowledge test. One way to help you learn the road signs and road rules is to take a drivers license practice test.

Follow safe driving practices. Of course knowing just the two items above is the bare minimum of being truly able to drive a vehicle. What completes it is learning/practicing both items with safety always in mind. Knowing how to share the roadway with trucks, buses, and motorcycles, keeping a safe following distance or knowing what the proper procedures are when someone is tailgating you. Watching the roadway for hidden hazards such as children playing near the roadway or cars parked along the road that could pull out in front of you. Keeping watch and always having an escape route ready should an emergency occur. Starting to build that experience begins as soon as you fasten your seat belt in the driver’s seat for the first time.

Teaching all of these tips is the goal of every driver education program, but even the best driving school can only do so much. The rest comes from the student’s willingness to learn to be a good, safe driver. A calm, confident attitude and willingness and enthusiasm in learning all the safe driving tips are the keys for a new driver to pass the road test on the first try.

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